New Book Focuses on How to Handle Business Growth Beyond Sales

In Sales Won’t Save Your Business, “Super” Joe Pardo answers the questions business owners have about how to create a viable and successful business beyond just selling. The book’s title is very apt because, as Joe points out, selling a lot of your product won’t help your business if you don’t have an effective team in place to handle customer service and you don’t have the right processes and procedures in place to prepare for the growth that results from sales. As a result, Joe takes the reader on a journey to the TOP by dividing the book into three parts that focus on Team, Offer, and Process.Following a foreword by Lee Cockerell, Retired Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World┬« Resort, Super Joe jumps right into telling it like it is by asking readers to recall why they started a business in the first place, what is the biggest stress generator in the business, and what they can do to empower themselves in the business.Joe refers to the contents page as a roadmap, and rather than having chapters, he calls each section a “pin” on that roadmap-a place you must stop and master to move forward in your journey to business growth.At the heart of this book is a request for the reader to become self-aware. Joe reminds readers to ask others for feedback about their own strengths and weaknesses, to ask for help, not to work themselves to death, and to focus on the influence they have on others. That influence affects the business owner’s team members and their success, so the first part of the book focuses on how to create a successful team, which is an extension of the business and its owner. As Joe says, “Your business is a tree, and the roots of that tree are made of strong relationships.” Being a business owner also means being a leader, which means you have to dig in and do the work yourself. Joe states, “At times, you will need to fill in because of a worker shortage or an emergency. In such situations, it is important for your team to understand you are not just going to sit back and make them do all of the work. This does not mean, however, that you should be working in your business all of the time versus on your business. A great leader knows how to find the balance that will earn respect.”

Being a leader means inspiring your team, and it also means entrusting that team to do what you would do when you don’t have time to do it. Relinquishing power to others is often difficult for leaders, but Joe points out that when you try to micromanage your team, you take power from your managers; that makes team members second-guess their managers and do what they think you want, even though they may not always know what you want. Therefore, you have to empower your managers by letting go of all the power.Change is always difficult for organizations, so if you want to implement the changes Joe recommends, you’ll have to deal with people who don’t like change.Consequently, Joe spends a lot of time talking about how to incorporate change in your business without ruffling too many feathers. To illustrate his point, he shares his own story of implementing change in his family’s business, and how, despite a few ruffled feathers, the process became successful.Despite whatever changes you make, the ultimate goal is to provide customer satisfaction. In Part 2: Focus on the Offer, Joe talks about how to price products properly and how to get your team aligned with providing customer service. The best advice Joe gives here is how to teach your team to focus on the customer’s perspective when providing service.

In Part 3: Focus on the Process, Joe reminds us it’s vital that business owners always seek ways not just to change but to improve. In order to do that, you have to have clear processes. Once processes are in place, team members are clear on their tasks and then the business can run smoothly. As a result, you won’t need to micromanage; you’ll then have time to work on your business rather than working in it.There’s much more I could talk about here-excellent advice on hiring, firing, and promoting team members; advice on incorporating technology into your business; and advice on how to grow your profit by improving your training. Throughout, Joe sprinkles in his “Super Joe Says” sayings-which are like modern proverbs for business owners. Each pin ends with exercises so that readers don’t just have a reading but a learning experience, allowing them to look at their own businesses and come up with the answers they need. As a result, they’ll close this book having the tools to take their businesses to new levels of growth and their own lives to increased satisfaction.

What Sells Well on eBay? – 4 Tips to Find the Best Products to Sell on eBay

If you are trying to start an eBay business and wondering about this question then you are not alone. All beginners spend considerable time trying to figure out the best products they should be selling to start a profitable eBay business.

So, what should you sell on eBay?

Well the most logical answer to this question is sell those products that are currently popular on eBay and have a huge demand. Since they have the demand, it should be easier for anyone to sell those items on a consistent basis and earn a steady income from eBay. In fact, most eBay experts suggest this theory. Many of them go as far as to offer you to sell their own “hot seller list”.

So the question is…

Should you sell hot items on eBay, especially if you are just starting out?

Well my answer is NO…you SHOULD NOT sell hot selling items like iPod, digital cameras or GPS Units when you are just starting out.

Why is that? Well there are a couple of problems that makes it difficult for a new seller to make money on eBay selling popular items.

It is very difficult for an individual seller to buy those products at a wholesale price as most of wholesalers tend to sell only to big box retail stores.

Now what about on-line drop shippers and wholesalers? From my experience, I have found that the price they offer is a lot higher than the current selling price on eBay for those items.

If you compare their prices with the current selling price on eBay for any popular product, you will quickly see that there is no way you can make money using those services.

The second problem you will face is that you will have to compete with big retailers and national wholesalers who use eBay to sell their refurbished and return items. They generally gives deep discount that brings the price down so much that it becomes impossible for an individual seller to match those prices. This is the main reason why people have such a hard time selling popular items from a drop shipper.

Then what can you sell on eBay and earn a part-time or full-time income, especially if you are starting on a limited budget?

I always recommend that you should sell items that are low cost, meaning MSRP below $50, that has a consistent demand on eBay. Also, I like to sell items that people need in their everyday life. These are not as glamorous as the “Hot items” but they do sell well on eBay and you Can make a profit selling them.

I always ask the following questions:

Is it something that people need in everyday life?

I like to sell products that people need in everyday life. There are two reasons I like to sell these products:
First: there is a consistent demand for these items and you don’t have to worry about changing trend. There is a consistent demand for these items all year long. And there is a huge benefit when you do that. You can buy in lot (and get a deep discount) and don’t have to worry about what happens if you can’t sell them ASAP.

Second: It is a lot easier to find a true wholesaler who will sell these kind of products at a wholesale price. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy from a wholesaler either. I have bought wholesale investing as little as $500. For example, if you sell everyday products like perfumes or baby toys, you can easily find a wholesaler who will deal with you give you a deep discount. Now compare that with iPod or Nikon XLS. Good luck to you if you try to find a wholesaler for those items.

Can I sell more than 5 items a day?

I like to sell only those products that I can sell more than 5 items a day and make on average $10 per sale. Why? Think about it, if you can sell 5 units of a certain item a day and make $10 profit that means you are making $50 profit/day. Now if you can sell 5 items like that, then you can easily make $250/day from your business.

Is it something that people will buy more than once a year?

I like to sell products that people needs more that once a year. That means if I provide good customer support and make my customer happy the first time, then there is a very good chance that he will become a repeat customer. Now why is it important to have repeat customers? Because it is easier to sell to repeat customers; you don’t have to compete with other sellers to sell to them multiple times. Think about Wal-Mart or Target. They are successful because they have a loyal customer base that buy from them multiple times.

Most successful eBay sellers rely on repeat customers. About 35% of my profit comes from repeat customers alone.

Can I buy that product form a wholesaler?

It is very important that you buy from a wholesaler at a true wholesale price. Remember that you don’t make money when you sell. You make money when you buy. I recommend that, you don’t sell any product that you can’t buy at wholesale price as you will have hard time making money on eBay if you do so.

Finding a wholesaler is not that difficult as people makes it sound, if you choose to sell something that is not the craze of the moment.

What happens when you use these criteria to choose a product? You systematically, force yourself to concentrate on those products that:

  • Have a consistent (may not be a mad gold rush) demand on eBay
  • You can buy at a competitive price
  • You have a chance to sell to the same customer multiple times

Finding the right item to sell on eBay needs a little bit brainstorming and some research on your part. So before you invest any money on any items I recommend that you take the time and do your some market research.

First, look at eBay completed data and make sure that the items are selling on eBay on a consistent basis.

Second, before finalizing on a product source do some price comparison. Crunch your number and see whether you can make money selling those items on eBay. It doesn’t matter how hot an item is selling on eBay, if you can’t make money then there is no reason for you to sell it.